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Paula Mary


Paula is a London based mixed media artist who creates art through a journey of experimentation, exploration and discovery.  

As a young girl, Paula emigrated with her family from Liverpool to Australia, where she grew up running wild in the open-landscapes and never-ending skyline of the Adelaide Plains.

Paula developed her artistic ability during her time at art college and working in various creative industries. After moving back to the UK to live in London, she spent her time carving out a new career path, slowly losing touch with the artist within.

After a late life ADHD diagnosis, Paula learnt more about herself on a deeper level and began to understand why she found it difficult to operate in a neurotypical world. After taking various art classes as a therapeutic outlet, she reawakened her passion to create and started to take her art seriously.

Paula expresses her creativity through intuitive and intentional mark making, producing work that is a representation of abstract landscapes and surrealist dreamscapes that naturally evolve through the building of layers. A vivid imagination, fond memories of rural Australia and her journeys around the world and through life are what fuels her inspiration. 

Paula works on canvas, wood panels and paper with a mixed media of oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and collage.

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