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The muted colour palette is unusual for me. Whilst building the layers of acrylic paint and collage this creature emerged from the depths.


I find that there is something otherworldly about jellyfish. They have been gracefully drifting and floating along in our ocean for over 500 million years. They are mesmerising to watch as they gently pulse through the water with tentacles wafting behind them like a trawler net.

They are beautiful to watch but come with a sting in their tail. The cells on the tentacles are called ‘cnidocytes’ and they explode when stimulated, so continue to sting long after touch, even if the jellyfish is dead.

Original Artwork - 28cm x 40cm

Mixed Media Collage on 250gsm paper 

Giclée prints are available in various sizes.

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Jellyfish by Paula Mary Art
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